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Making where we live a better place...

Our Mission: The Quality of Life Coalition serves as a catalyst to promote social, physical and mental well being for the residents of Dickinson County by fostering a thriving environment in which to live, work, play and learn.


Our Vision: Dickinson County is a thriving community providing opportunities for all to live a quality life.

Download the 2013 Resource Guide for Services in Dickinson County in .PDF


Community Forum of Dickinson County


What is MAPP?

Moblization Action through Planning and Partnerships

Mobilizing through Action Planning & Partnerships is a strategic

approach to community health improvement developed by the

National Association of City and County Health Officials.


Completed in Dickinson County in 2008, this needs assessment has strengthened our local social and human service system and defined common goals to build a healthy, thriving community. Read more about MAPP here.




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